Facts & Figures


   Lugu Science & Technology Park has excellent regional conditions, located in the west urban district of Changsha city, on the west shore of the Xiang River , at the north side of Yuelu Mountain Scenic Area, and south adjoining Yuelu Mountain University Town and the Changsha-Xiangtan west line, Changsha-Changde Expressway. The urban western 2nd ring route, the urban 3rd ring route (the west route of the Changsha section of Jingzhu Expressway) run through the Park, and both the metro line 2 and the intercity light rail under construction will have stops to be set up in the park. It is 10- minute drive from the biggest commercial center of the city, now there are 13 bus lines to Lugu, and by means of the advantageous road network, people can quickly enter Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, Shanghai-Ruili Expressway, National Highway 319 (Xiamen- Chengdu) and National Highway 107 (Beijing-Shenzhen).

  2.Public Utilities


  Lugu park has the water supply from Changsha No. 4 Water Plant, with the daily production capacity of 400,000 m3. All the road network of the park is provided with the pipeline of tap water, the pipe diameter varying between DN1000DN300, the park’s drainage system has rain water and sewage diffluent, the drainage pipes: D2600D300, and can fully meet enterprises’ drainage requirements. All industrial sewage and domestic sewage are collected by sewage pipes to the sewage plant for centralized treatment, and discharged when they have reached the standard. Yuelu Sewage Treatment Plant has the design sewage treatment capacity of 160,000 ton/day in the near future, 320,000 ton/day in the far future, with secondary biological treatment adopted, and the national standard shall prevail for the environmental-protection discharge standard and pollution control for enterprises in the park.


  Lugu park inside has, or will soon constructed four transformer substations of 110KV Wangxi (2×50MVA), Wangnan (2×50MVA), Qilong (2×50MVA), Jinnan Substation (50MVA), one Huanghuatang Substation of 110KV220KV, which can have dual power supply, among which Jinnan Substation (50MVA) is the only intelligent-type substation in Hunan province. As regards Hunan ’s key projects and symbolic projects of industrialization, the electricity price can be negotiated with the electricity department.

  (3)Natural Gas

  Changsha Natural Gas Corporation has a natural gas storage and distribution station constructed in Lugu park, fuel gas pipelines are constructed suitably for all the main trunk roads inside the park, and a circular pipeline network is formed, so the demand of enterprises in the Park for natural gas can be fully satisfied. In the Lugu park the gas pipeline network is already pre-embedded, the pipe diameter of

Lugu Avenue

is φ377 and

Xianjiahu Road


  3.Labor Force

  Lugu, adjoining Changsha Yuelu University Town, relies on the scientific and technological resources of the 4 national “211 Project” key universities of National University of Technology Defense, South Central University, Hunan Normal University, more than 40 institutions of higher learning and more than 120 scientific research institutions, 47 national and ministerial key laboratories, and the eminent talent resources foundation of 46 academicians of the two institutes, 340,000 technological personnel, 330,000 college students, has an excellent predominance of eminent talents, especially in respect of advanced manufacture, bioengineering, electronic information industry, new materials, new energy sources, software etc; possesses 25 technical and engineering centers at national and provincial levels, 17 enterprise postdoctoral scientific research workstations, and more than 400 joint R&D institutions, which continuously inject new vitality to independent innovation; the enterprises in the park have accumulatively developed more than 1800 new and high-tech products and items, 85% of which have independent intellectual property, 115 items are listed into the national and provincial “Torch Plans”, there are also 9 National chief scientists of “973 Plan” project, 16 National experts of “863 Plan”, and 19 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions to the country, besides, famous experts represented by a group of academicians such as Yuan Longping, Lu Guangxiu, Huang Boyun etc, technological talents of universities and institutes, converged in CHTIDZ, all this makes Lugu become a great platform for technological fruits to be converted and talents to establish their businesses, and its sci-tech innovative capacity continuously rank in the leading position of national-level high-tech development zones.

  In order to meet the demand of enterprises in the park for talents, CHTIDZ Administrative Committee has the talent exchange center established, regularly dispatches personnel to various places nationwide or holds talent recruitment activities in Changsha, to attract talents and introduce intelligence; CHTIDZ Administrative Committee regularly holds talent training activities of “Lugu Lecture Hall” and other various forms, invites domestic and foreign famous institutions and experts to give lectures in the park.

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