Main Incentives

  CHTIDZ Administrative Committee comprehensively executes all favorable policies for national-level hi-tech industrial development zones and preferentially enjoys the favorable policies of Changsha Dahexi Leading District, and provides high-quality and efficient services to enterprises.

  1. The income tax of high-tech enterprises in the zone shall be levied at a reduced rate of 15% from the date of their ratification.

  2. The Administrative Committee finance annually arranges 200 million Yuan industrial development dedicated fund to support key pillar industries, characteristic industries and technical innovation projects; annually arranges 20 million Yuan dedicated fund to specially support the service outsourcing industry development.

  3. To any production and management enterprise with one-off fixed assets investment over RMB 500 million Yuan in key electronic information, equipment manufacture, new materials industries, after the project is put into production, according to its contribution to the finance and taxation of CHTIDZ, CHTIDZ will grant the industrial development auxiliary fund support by 10% or above of its fixed assets investment.  

  4. To any kind of enterprise headquarters or regional headquarters with no production base having been established in Lugu since 1 January 2008, if their annual tax payment total amount is above RMB 5 million Yuan (inclusive of RMB 5 million Yuan), then within 3 years from the operation date, in consideration of their financial contribution as confirmed, CHTIDZ will give a reward between 10%-40% of the portion of their tax contribution that has been actually received by CHTIDZ. 

  5. To any World Top 500 enterprise or China Top 100 enterprise which enters Lugu to engage in electronic information, equipment manufacture, new materials industrial R&D and production or to set up enterprise headquarters and regional headquarters, considering its brand influence, investment scale and output benefit and other conditions, CHTIDZ will give a 500,000 – 1,000,000 Yuan industrial development auxiliary fund support in a one-off manner.

  6. As for the individual income tax paid by senior managers of the enterprises, enterprise headquarters, and regional headquarters indicated in the above clauses 3, 4, 5, such managers will be rewarded by 50% of the portion actually received by the district level finance within 3 years from the tax date; as for those who purchase housing in Lugu for the first time, they will be rewarded by 100% of the portion of the individual income tax actually received by the CHTIDZ finance in the 3 years prior to the housing purchase, but their maximum reward does not exceed 80% of the housing price.

  7. In consideration of the newly added taxation of any loan-granted enterprises, the CHTIDZ finance will grant a loan interest subsidy not exceeding 40% of the bank loan interest amount, but the total interest subsidy amount obtained by one and the same enterprise that is supplied by governments at all levels, maximally does not exceed 100% of the loan interest amount.

  8. The formality charge-free management is practiced to high-tech enterprises in the zone, and enterprises only pay taxes, without paying any administrative and institutional fees.

  9. The Customs provides efficient and convenient customs clearance measures, such as pre-arrival declaration, networking declaration, expeditious declaration, visit examination/acceptance, expedited customs clearance, guaranteed acceptance and so forth, to enterprises in the zone.

  Please see the CHTIDZ Policies Collection for the details of preferential policies.

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