Biomedicine Industry

CITIC-Xiangya, Jiuzhitang Co., Ltd., Double-Crane Medicine Co., Ltd., Anchun High & New Technology Co., Ltd., Fangsheng Pharmaceuticals, Zhonghe Pharmaceuticals, Jinsha Medicine Industry, Zhengzhong Pharmaceutical Machinery, Zhongda Wuma Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Changsha Sinocare Inc.,  Sansure Biotech, Argus Pharmaceuticals, Haili Hi-tech, Xingjia Bio-engineering and other biomedicine enterprises allow Luvalley to be the strategic upland for boosting Changsha’s biomedical industry. There, the national stem cell engineering center of CITIC-Xiangya Reproduction & Genetics Hospital headed by Academician Lu Guangxiu possesses the world’s most advanced genetic and stem cell engineering technology; Jiuzhitang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ranks among the top 20 listed medicine enterprises nationwide, with its main production lines having passed the national GMP authentication, and its commercial wholesale and retail having passed the national GSP authentication; Double-Crane Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., as a modern medicine business logistics enterprise, already becomes the biggest medicine business wholesale center in Hunan province, which can cover China’s central and southern regions.

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