New Materials Industry

  There are more than 50 leading enterprises in the new materials industry, such as Kinray New Materials Science and Techology, Corun, Shanshan Advanced Material, Boyun New Materials, Yuanda Zhugong etc., and three major new materials industrial clusters of advanced cell materials, high performance structural materials and advanced composite materials have begun to take shape, and the Park is a national-level new material achievement conversion and industrialization base. Shanshan’s advanced materials technology of high-energy density lithium-ion battery cathode material and Changsha Hairong’s research and application technology of the graphite material for high-rate lithium-ion battery anode material are at the international advanced level; Corun possesses the first nickel-hydrogen power battery production line in China, with its high strength ultra-intense bonding nickel foam and high temperature ball type nickel hydroxide technologies achieving the international leading level; the output and sale of lithium cobalt oxide battery materials produced by Shanshan New Material ranks third in the world and first in China; the high-performance carbon/carbon composite material developed and produced by Boyun New Materials founded by Academician Huang Boyun, President of Central South University, has filled the national invention void of 6 straight years; Yuanda Zhugong has already been approved by the Ministry of Construction as the demonstration base of housing industrialization.

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